Alliance Family Physicians -  "We Treat The Whole Person"
Family Practice:
We are a Family Practice with multiple unique services, dedicated to your well-being. We provide a holistic approach with our patient utilizing the most current traditional medical treatments while also addressing the emotional components of disease when indicated.
Services include but are not limited to:
  •      Treatment of All Medical Conditions, including Specialist Referral if Required
  •      Preventive Medicine and Yearly Complete Physical Examinations
  •      Full Women's Health Services
  •      Heart Risk Reduction
  •      Diabetes
  •      Heart Disease
  •      Skin Cancer Screening and Skin Surgery for Suspicious Moles or CancerL
  •      Allergy Skin Testing and Injections
  •      Research
  •      EKG's
  •      Echocardiograms
  •      Arterial & Venous Leg and Arm Studies
  •      Carotid Artery Ultrasound Studies
  •      Many Lab Tests available on premises
  •      Joint Trigger and Muscle Injections
We accept most Insurances and Medicare
For Appointments Call
(352) 371-0301
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