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ATTENTION MEDICARE PATIENTS:Medicare will now cover two types of “Wellness Visits”. The purpose of these visits is to discussappropriate screening tests and assess for common ailments in patients over age 65 such as depression,mental decline and vision and hearing abnormalities. These are NOT “full physicals”.Medicare will cover a “Welcome to Medicare Visit” one time in the FIRST 12 months of Medicare eligibility. This includes labs and an EKG, as well as a review of your medical history, medications and screening for hearing and vision difficulties and depression. This must be done in the first 12 months of getting Medicare coverage.For patients who have had Medicare for OVER 12 months, Medicare covers an annual (yearly) “Wellness Visit”. Again, this is not a full physical, but a time to review your medical history and make certain that appropriate screening tests have been performed.If you would like to schedule a Wellness Visit our front desk staff can help you with this.Please keep in mind:Medicare will cover ONE of the above visits per calendar year.Other issues such as a new problem, medication refill, etc. ARE NOT included in this visit. Please make a separate appointment to discuss such issues.The “Wellness Visit” and “Welcome to Medicare Visits” are NOT physicals. If the doctor has time, the“physical” can be done as well but this is billed as a separate service from the Wellness visit and may or may not be covered. According to Medicare, these visits are NOT applied to the deductible and should be covered in full by Medicare.We schedule 30 minutes for these visits because they do take some time. Please make sure to be at the office 15 to 30 minutes early and call with more than 24 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. The front desk staff can give you a paper copy.If you have questions regarding these visits, please speak with your provider..

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