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Important Announcements

Our Videonystagrogram System
The main cause of death in the 65 and greater age group is FALLS. We are proud to announce that we have purchased a machine called a videonystagrogram which can test our patients for Dizziness (Vertigo). This testing can determine whether the cause of the problem is in the ear or the brain, and therefore can be evaluated and treated specifically. We are now handing out "Balance Questionnaires" to our patients to determine if the test is necessary or not. This test is covered both by Medicare and regular insurance. We welcome all questions you may have about this testing.

The drug Tekturna, used to treat hypertension, has recently shown to possibly cause Heart failure and kidney problems in diabetics. If you are diabetic or not diabetic it may be good idea to make an appointment to discuss alternative treatments.

The drug Actos, used for diabetes, has been found to possibly be related to bladder cancer. It is still on the market, but lower doses are being recommended by specialists. See us if you are on Actos for further discussion.

Dr Richard Urban has retired. We all will miss him very much.

We welcome Autumn Asbell PA-C who will be working full time. She is a remarkable medical provider specializing in Family Medicine.

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